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Can you tell how productive you’ve been for some period of time?

How d’you do it? By always arrive on time at work? By how much money you made?

Well, as a freelancer, I can tell how I’ve been productive, or in this case, NOT productive for a month-for example-, when I realize I have watched the same replay of X-Factor Indonesia auditions more than 3 times. And I did. (sighed).

Two weekends ago, am proud to say that I have been a productive young lady. (my age, not your concern, really..). Well, at least, I didnt watch tv for two days straight. Because I was in Garut, West Java.

Tantyo Bangun, a very well respected photographer in Indonesia (and other countries, of course..), asked me to join his team in mentoring some group of high school students to do photo hunt as a series of workshop that he established with a group of journos in Garut, and sponsored by Chevron. I heard this GarutPedia workshop has been on since December. And I get to be part of it with Dian (GarutPedia caretaker), Oom Toto and of course, Oom Tantyo. They’re in Oom-oom age anyway.

We off on early start for surveying the route we’re gonna do the next day, and I cant help but realized how organized Tantyo Bangun is. He has an idea in his head, and he sure know how he wants it to be done. I felt.. small.


Some 20s students and Chevron employees or family members, took part in this photo hunt. (sounds like boar hunt or deer hunt, but its totally different, because we weren’t hunting photos with spears nor in a game of spotting differences from 2 simillar photos! We were out hunt some subjects to be photographed. How exactly do you say it in english?) And I get to be the shepherd for 4 lost sheep with cameras. Oom Toto was there to make sure we didnt trip and fell off the cliff.

EKA_4822Too bad, one of my sheep (a student in our team) innocently just forgot to tell us during briefing, that he didnt bring cameras with him. (Grrrrhh…) So I ended up borrowing mine, and he left me “naked” without camera and made me felt so uncool. How can a mentor in a photography team, not bring a single camera? I mean, how can I brag about my own shoot? hehe.. Well.. maybe it was for the best anyway, since later on I found out, that they actually make wonderful pictures in less than two hours! If I turned out unable to make photos as good, am in deep trouble. My credibility is at stake.

So, those wonderful sheep (why sheep? because Garut is famour for sheep) — I mean, workshop participants, in my team, were some of the greatest ones!! Ho ho.. Am sooo happy.. Those four wonderful young photographers, made pix that selected as some of the best pix of the day. All of them! Ha! And two of which got small gifts for their excellent work, and one of those two, was the winner for the best picture on that workshop! Yeay.. Their fingers on the shutter, I was just there as their shepherd. 🙂

Have a look at here : and see that pretty valentine romance on top? One of my team did that! His name is Meldani.

And today, as I watched another replay of X-Factor, a thought crossed my tiny lazy brain. What will happen with the winners of X Factor? Or those who win on that workshop? Does being part of it do any good to them? I honestly dont know.

Tantyo told me that he saw huuuggghh progress in the way those kids take pictures. Compared to the early days of the workshop, now, they tend to be more focused on what exactly they want to show through their pictures. And I can sense of proudness in his voice. I was proud just to have them for a day, and I can imagine how he felt for having a team that try to nurture them for months. But of course, the kids’ progress are their own truly. It’s their effort, and Tantyo or anybody else in that team, just there to help.

No one can tell, if X-Factor winner one day gonna be a great musician, or just a one time thing. We wont know today, if Meldani gonna win a world press photo in years to come. I mean, who knows? But does these so called workshops do any good? Am sure they do.

I was also in a photo workshop, and how I felt can totally different from how other participants felt about it. Some actually think it was useless, because it doesnt ‘give’ them anything. Am sure they didnt mean it though.

In my perspective, such workshop can give you the chance to meet some extraordinary people. Whom you probably never knew you’d meet in person! If I were in X Factor, I would hug Anggun just to sniff her, or since I was in the Angkor Workshop, I get to see the editor who rejected my photos via email, but turned out asked me to join his (was) photo agency once he saw my pictures right in front of him. So magic things happen! But your own kind of magical moments.

Workshops give you shortcuts. To where and will you use it? You decide.

Spot me! Spot me!!

Spot me! Spot me!!


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February 21, 2013 at 3:58 pm

To Prepare a Submission

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Artist statement is actually critical for some jury! But you ought to make it short!

Thoughts on the Pre-screening process

These past couple of weeks I’ve been pre-screening the submissions for this year’s Photolucida Critical Mass program. I’ve never juried anything of this scale before and while I’m used to critiquing and reviewing work one-on-one with photographers, this is a completely new experience for me. 700 photographers + 7,000 images = a ton of work… and a unique opportunity. There have been countless times that I’ve submitted my own work to competitions and for juried shows, never to understand the perspective of those looking at the images, what they might be looking for, what order of priorities might be in place, what the level and quality of the other work submitted was. I thought that by writing my experiences in jurying, it might give my fellow artists a glimpse into how to better prepare for submissions. Let me preface all of this by saying that this is merely my own perspective. Other jurors, most likely, have different priorities when viewing work, and may have a different process for viewing work online

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August 17, 2011 at 10:15 am

Aiming It!

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was there, had a great time, make great friends, and would love to have a perfect reason to come back!

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July 30, 2010 at 12:17 pm