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Can you tell how productive you’ve been for some period of time?

How d’you do it? By always arrive on time at work? By how much money you made?

Well, as a freelancer, I can tell how I’ve been productive, or in this case, NOT productive for a month-for example-, when I realize I have watched the same replay of X-Factor Indonesia auditions more than 3 times. And I did. (sighed).

Two weekends ago, am proud to say that I have been a productive young lady. (my age, not your concern, really..). Well, at least, I didnt watch tv for two days straight. Because I was in Garut, West Java.

Tantyo Bangun, a very well respected photographer in Indonesia (and other countries, of course..), asked me to join his team in mentoring some group of high school students to do photo hunt as a series of workshop that he established with a group of journos in Garut, and sponsored by Chevron. I heard this GarutPedia workshop has been on since December. And I get to be part of it with Dian (GarutPedia caretaker), Oom Toto and of course, Oom Tantyo. They’re in Oom-oom age anyway.

We off on early start for surveying the route we’re gonna do the next day, and I cant help but realized how organized Tantyo Bangun is. He has an idea in his head, and he sure know how he wants it to be done. I felt.. small.


Some 20s students and Chevron employees or family members, took part in this photo hunt. (sounds like boar hunt or deer hunt, but its totally different, because we weren’t hunting photos with spears nor in a game of spotting differences from 2 simillar photos! We were out hunt some subjects to be photographed. How exactly do you say it in english?) And I get to be the shepherd for 4 lost sheep with cameras. Oom Toto was there to make sure we didnt trip and fell off the cliff.

EKA_4822Too bad, one of my sheep (a student in our team) innocently just forgot to tell us during briefing, that he didnt bring cameras with him. (Grrrrhh…) So I ended up borrowing mine, and he left me “naked” without camera and made me felt so uncool. How can a mentor in a photography team, not bring a single camera? I mean, how can I brag about my own shoot? hehe.. Well.. maybe it was for the best anyway, since later on I found out, that they actually make wonderful pictures in less than two hours! If I turned out unable to make photos as good, am in deep trouble. My credibility is at stake.

So, those wonderful sheep (why sheep? because Garut is famour for sheep) — I mean, workshop participants, in my team, were some of the greatest ones!! Ho ho.. Am sooo happy.. Those four wonderful young photographers, made pix that selected as some of the best pix of the day. All of them! Ha! And two of which got small gifts for their excellent work, and one of those two, was the winner for the best picture on that workshop! Yeay.. Their fingers on the shutter, I was just there as their shepherd. 🙂

Have a look at here : and see that pretty valentine romance on top? One of my team did that! His name is Meldani.

And today, as I watched another replay of X-Factor, a thought crossed my tiny lazy brain. What will happen with the winners of X Factor? Or those who win on that workshop? Does being part of it do any good to them? I honestly dont know.

Tantyo told me that he saw huuuggghh progress in the way those kids take pictures. Compared to the early days of the workshop, now, they tend to be more focused on what exactly they want to show through their pictures. And I can sense of proudness in his voice. I was proud just to have them for a day, and I can imagine how he felt for having a team that try to nurture them for months. But of course, the kids’ progress are their own truly. It’s their effort, and Tantyo or anybody else in that team, just there to help.

No one can tell, if X-Factor winner one day gonna be a great musician, or just a one time thing. We wont know today, if Meldani gonna win a world press photo in years to come. I mean, who knows? But does these so called workshops do any good? Am sure they do.

I was also in a photo workshop, and how I felt can totally different from how other participants felt about it. Some actually think it was useless, because it doesnt ‘give’ them anything. Am sure they didnt mean it though.

In my perspective, such workshop can give you the chance to meet some extraordinary people. Whom you probably never knew you’d meet in person! If I were in X Factor, I would hug Anggun just to sniff her, or since I was in the Angkor Workshop, I get to see the editor who rejected my photos via email, but turned out asked me to join his (was) photo agency once he saw my pictures right in front of him. So magic things happen! But your own kind of magical moments.

Workshops give you shortcuts. To where and will you use it? You decide.

Spot me! Spot me!!

Spot me! Spot me!!


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February 21, 2013 at 3:58 pm

New Post on the Website

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From the beginning I tried to build my own website, I’ve been reading tons of references on how to make the website works. What’s a permalink, SEO, etc.

Amongst other important things, I need to carefully think the display, either the matter of the materials being displayed or how to display them to make sure it looks professional. Making sure that the viewers can see my niche.

Argh! So troublesome. But all worth it. Some times, my website connects me to clients or magazines who wants to display my works. Many times, the website gives me some sort of proof of existence.

But while I’ve been too careful on posting stories, I neglect another factor of being a keen photojournalist, that is consistency in working as one. It’s not like am lazy or havent done any stories in a while.. I just — dont put them on the web…

Sad.. Because my first purpose in building a website was to make sure I have a place to display my works. Works which I feel need to be shown and told to many, even when it doesnt make the cut for magazines or some prestigious awards and grants. Works that may not always touch your feelings and make you want to break down and cry to see that side of life, but instead, still can be informative about other parts of the world you’ve never seen.

I’m a photojournalist, I documents stories in life through pix and words. And I’ll show you some, on my very own website. 🙂

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August 6, 2012 at 9:14 pm

March 2012

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Its a month for money spending. 🙂

Not just because all my three sisters having their birthday altogether this month (I used to think it like a conspiracy to make me spend more once a year), but also because I’ve been shopping for updating my equipment since I have set my mind to seriously consider a new line of photo business; “Personal Portraits By Request and Pet Photography”.

Recently after bought a new Macbook Pro, I also bought 85 mm 1.8 Nikon Lens, and a blackberry, to support the marketing of this commercial project of mine.

I must say, my favorite purchase was the lens.. Image

It was love at the first click. Bring hopes to unlocking my brain!

Anyway, am so filled with ideas now, with my friends’ supports and — facebook. Yes, I finally have facebook account and facebook page. Because no doubt, Facebook is still one of the most powerful marketing tool, in the world of internet.

COME COME! Visit them!

or add me as a friend on your facebook account : eka.nickmatulhuda

A new beginning is always so exciting.. Hope I can keep this kind of spirit for a very — verrryyyy long time.

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March 12, 2012 at 11:36 am

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Arbain Rambey Remarks on PFI

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.. yang pasti, pada waktu awal PFI dibentuk, sungguh banyak organisasi wartawan baru yang berdiri dan satu persatu bertumbangan. PFI adalah salah satu organisasi wartawan yang berdiri di era reformasi dan bertahan sampai sekarang dan masih solid. — Arbain Rambey 2011

Arbain Rambey is one of the most popular Indonesian photojournalist. For many years, he plays a big role in introducing photojournalism to readers and photography enthusiast. Kompas gives him a whole page for his weekly column “Klinik Fotografi” – or Photography Clinic where he makes reviews or giving tutorials.

This interview was shot for a small documentary project about the journey of Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI) – or Indonesian Photojournalist Association, for the purpose of The Annual PFI Award in mid 2011. Arbain Rambey was the first chairman of PFI when the association was being established in 1998.

I edit this videos taken by Agus Susanto and Totok Wijayanto, by following the instructions in one of Andy Coon’s tutorial on doing basic Multiclip Editing in Final Cut Pro ( as part of my self learning program. Thanks guys!

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January 9, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Go Ahead

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Yeah! Its time of the year again!..

Wait.. I dont specifically put a time in any year to do this whole words and signs.. So I can do it all year!

For those who just read this blog, I want to let you know that I have the joy in seeing oddities. Anything that can make my smiling face turns into frowns in a second, and jump to burst in laughter on the next second. Look around you.. Have you seen things like these? [category : words and signs] If so, share it here with me!

Now, lets get started (again) with this one. Go Ahead..

Papua is the place for oddities.. Fun kinds! The airport for start, like the one in Jayapura, it closes around 3 in the afternoon, everyday. And the flights schedules are not exactly as scheduled. Prepare yourself for anything in this beautiful land, including to stay an extra day if your flight somehow missed you — not the other way around..

While waiting, go ahead, feel free to do anything you like at the airport.. including sitting on the floor, as if you’re camping out.

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January 9, 2012 at 9:10 pm

Emak – A Tribute in Video

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While trying to get used to with iMovie, before i finally set fingers on the Final Cut Pro (soon!), I edited some footages that me and my father took during my aunt’s funeral. It turned out quite nice for a small family production, meant especially for my family’s viewing. Because some of the member of the family couldn’t arrive earlier to see my aunt before she was buried.

Emak — a tribute from nickmatulhuda on Vimeo.

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December 13, 2011 at 10:43 am

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Enrich Yourself

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Do you have butterflies in your tummy everytime you shoot on assignments? Lucky you! I got bees!! They’re punching and sticking their needles inside me. Got me all nervous. Whether being on site and shoot for the clients need is the right thing to do, either for me or them. Will I let them down? Will they actually get what they paid for? Do I meet their expectations?

Every single negative thoughts filled my head and make it about to explode.

This condition also arise as I begin new projects. Or anything new.

Despite fully understand that I need to improve my photography skill, I know that I need more than just photography if I want to support myself better. And being a freelance always keep me in the state of continue to try finding another great ideas to improve myself, skill wise and financially. I even learn to market myself. Yes, being a freelance forced you to plan better, shoot better, good at marketing and even become a debt collector! vicious but cute kind of debt collector. 😛

So, when it comes to the effort to enrich myself, I choose to add new skill on my cv. I will learn to edit videos. No, am not gonna start by shooting videos, like my other friends who are now turning to multimedia expert, but I choose to learn the rope of video editing instead. I shall keep you updated as soon as I actually start learning from the people who are generous enough to share me their knowledge. For now, I am nothing but a blank piece of paper. An empty box waiting to be filled with exciting new stuffs! Lets see what happen.

The bees has stung me last night, as I cashed out all my money to buy this particular tank! A brand new 15″ Macbook Pro soon installed with final cut pro, out of the generosity of my soon to be tutor, Tim Deagle. An excellent videographer who lives and work here in Jakarta. I dont know if I ever gonna be good at video editing.. But if I never tried, then I would never know, right?

I just bought a(nother) Mac

And as if it’s a good sign, another excellent Dutch videographer, Martin Egter van Wissekerke (I really need to learn how to spell his name right) accompanied me to buy this new toy. Well, am happy enough to have alot of good talented people around me whom I can ask for help in my next video adventure. Bismillah..

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November 15, 2011 at 10:23 pm