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Been years since I last write this blog. I even almost forgotten the password! No longer know what to say or write, really. Wasn’t sure I have something useful to share. But maybe I do now. Let’s see..

Late last year, I was asked to join some colleagues in my old work place, as they are setting up a photo school. Some of the high places people in that work place weren’t so sure about the idea, and even doubted them. Challenged to make it happen, they somehow ended up in asking if I wanted to join them. Thankfully, we weren’t really caught up in the spirit of showing to that high places people that we can do it and prove them wrong. Proving people wrong has been and always be the worst motivation in doing something good. So instead, we were so sure about the idea from the get go, we didn’t care what others think and we just do it like Nike said we should.

As we were having our first meeting, ideas rushed in my head, and just a week later, I managed to made 3 modules for basic photography that we are now been using for our 3 batch classes.

Teaching wasn’t new for me, but to know that I am also shaping a group of people’s mind to understand what I do, loving it as much as I do, and actually drive them to be better than I do, in 5 meetings time, was a nerve wrecking. But, I actually love it!

I call the participants in my photo class, my children. And they call me (somehow willingly), Kanjeng Ratu, means Your Highness Queen. pfffttt.. my sassiness partly caused that.

The fact that I actually turned out learning more from them, is what thrills me. And that learning curve in this new chapter of my career in photography is what I believed, worth to share.


Written by nickmatulhuda

August 22, 2016 at 9:50 pm

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