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Anugerah Pewarta Foto Indonesia 2011

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Aaaannddd… This is an annual photo exhibit that you simply can not missed!

yes.. Anugerah Pewarta Foto Indonesia 2011.

This is the 3rd year of Indonesia Photojournalist Award, and despite some still argue that the year in the award title is misleading, we still proud of it.

The awarding night was last night, actually.. Friday night, October 5, 2012. And I personally had the best time ever, to see friends and colleagues from every corner of Indonesia. Photojournalists whom I only recognize from their works, finally shakes hands with me last night. Friends I havent met in years, sits down next to me as well. And we all enjoy the music and each other companions, surrounded by some of the greatest photojournalism works of 2011 on the wall.

It was a bliss.

But for you who missed last night’s party, there are some photo discussions that you can be part of, as part of the 2 weeks photo exhibit.

Saturday, October 6th 2012, 4 pm : Sharing and photo discussion with Agung Rajasa, the winner of APFI 2011 Photo of the Year. Find out the story behind the picture that all five judges agreed upon in making it Photo of the Year, simply in a matter of seconds!

Tuesday, October 9th 2012, 6 pm : All about Citizen Journalism, y’all!! Tips in preparing yourself to be a good Citizen Journalist, because you are much closer to the news that happens around you, and not the journalist who needs to fight the traffic to get to where you are, when the story is happening.

Saturday, October 13th 2012, 4 pm : “PASSING” – a pictorial book by Edy Purnomo, one of the most recognized photojournalist in Indonesia. He will launch it here, and you get the chance to ask him all about the book and his works!

Thursday, October 18th 2012, 6 pm : Those cool and great photojournalists who are behind the will give you some insights about “How Inclusive Photography Work, Develops Appreciation of Future Photojournalism”. It’s gonna be a serious photo discussion, but also can open your mind to a bigger problem that Photojournalism world is struggling with, nowadays. You just need to be there and speak out your ideas!

And not just that.. You can also buy the book!

Gosh.. You’d loooovveee the book!!

Not only those juicy pictures that have won the award, but the book itself is also a real collectible items. This year is printed on a much nicer paper, beautifully edit, carefully designed, and you just need to pay 100.000 IDR, to get a copy of the book.

Dont forget to ask for previous edition, because they are truly a collectible items, and it selling fast! I managed to help in selling 30 copies of the book, only in an hour!

So, if you love photography, you’re a big fan of photojournalism works, you want to get to know the photojournalist behind those works, or you simply love the crowd, do come!!

Dont forget, Kuningan City, Jakarta, 5-21 October 2012, Photo exhibit and more about Anugerah Pewarta Foto Indonesia 2011. 

See you there!!


By the way, me and some colleagues just talked about APFI last night, after the opening ceremony.. We proudly believe that only Indonesia, from other South East Asia countries, that has this kind of awarding. Although it has many sponsors, this Photojournalism Award stands by itself. Self organized by (extremely busy) photojournalists in between their (extremely busy) work schedule.

It’s an award, that refers to World Press Photo kinds of awarding, yet still trying to find its own color. We got lots to learn, but at least we’ve bravely start it.

I could not be more proud to my friends who put their hard works, their ideas, and their time to make all this happen. And hopefully, will continue to happen in many years to come.

Viva Pewarta Foto Indonesia! Bravo Indonesian Photojournalist!


Written by nickmatulhuda

October 6, 2012 at 1:17 pm

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