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Okapi – 100 % Ado!

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Your best investment is your friends.. And the best thing to invest on them is by being sincere and never treat them like investment.

If you met my friends, most would describe me as crazy chick. Absurd, impulsive and most of the times, weird and dont make sense.

But they also know that I take my profession seriously. Everything I do when it comes to journalism works, I do it with full responsibility, and though am playful, I dont play around when someone had trusted me in working with them.

This time, it is Okapi. A French magazine for kids. Well.. Ado! not kids.. 🙂

They wanted to make a story about palm oil, and its effect to the people of Dayak in Kalimantan. And a wonderful French friend of mine linked them to me.

Long story short, I was paired with another wonderful French lady, and we had a full week of surprises with the “modern” Dayak people in remote places of Pontianak.

The story of how palm oil plantation have been destroying the lives of Dayak people, just break my heart. A village is abandon because it is surrounded by hectares of palm oil plantation own by at least 3 different companies. The remaining villagers need to survive with what is left. No more fish in the rivers, because the fertilizers from the plantation had been killing them. Clean water is scarce.

That is just one sad story we found, among many eye opener truths, that will make you questioning yourself as human, how greedy can you really be?

But presenting them to teenagers, are not as simple as writing it down in national paper or magazine as full investigative report. For those whose French is as poor as me, I hope the pictures tell some sort of story as well..

Published on September issue, in France, as a 12 pages report, co funded by CCFD, a Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development.


Written by nickmatulhuda

September 5, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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