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The Joy in Meeting Strangers

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Got caught up in weird kinds of things so called work lately. I think I’ve helplessly come to the point of realizing, by able to do a little bit of everything, here and there, the only time I could really rest is when I actually die. ;p

I never not enjoy stuffs that I do. Taking pix, research, writes, marketing, build network for my upcoming business, or whatever… Though not all of them instantly give me money, and that some people think of that as not a smart thing to do, I cant resist to the idea that some things would be better if am the one doing it. I guess.. I have a problem in delegating work. Not that I dont think others can do it, just that I dont know how to ask someone to do stuffs running around inside my head.

Youuuu got it! This is the I-section. Where I would blabbering about God Knows What. hehe..

Whenever I get to this point of my life, God will arrange some exciting stuffs to take a break from me. That would be.. Meeting strangers! And this time, I met a wonderful lady in a public transport, who happens to reflect all of my biggest fears in life.

Mbah RR Sri Sulastri.. alias Ibu Ali. eh?!???!!

An almost 80 years old woman, traveled almost 13 km that day by public transport, which can also means doubled the original length of distance. With her wooden stick as a companion, she kept on glancing smiles at me, and ask wether the food from the street vendor i was eating, was delicious. Haha.. I gave her one, which was not really easy for her to chew nor swallow. Ah.. She’s so full of life, yet .. old. Well, aging is not a sin. But it’s one thing I scared the most. Growing old. Afraid that I would be powerless and need all the help I can get. And worse, if I get older and refuse to get help at such age by thinking I still have the power to do just about anything. [whatever Eka.. duh]

So I sat there, in front of her, for 45 minutes and just listen to what she likes to say, or stuffs that she answer from all my silly questions.

Maybe one day, I’ll meet a stranger who’s 50 years younger than me in a futuristic public transport. Cant wait to know what I’d think by then.


Written by nickmatulhuda

May 24, 2012 at 5:15 pm

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