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Arbain Rambey Remarks on PFI

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.. yang pasti, pada waktu awal PFI dibentuk, sungguh banyak organisasi wartawan baru yang berdiri dan satu persatu bertumbangan. PFI adalah salah satu organisasi wartawan yang berdiri di era reformasi dan bertahan sampai sekarang dan masih solid. — Arbain Rambey 2011

Arbain Rambey is one of the most popular Indonesian photojournalist. For many years, he plays a big role in introducing photojournalism to readers and photography enthusiast. Kompas gives him a whole page for his weekly column “Klinik Fotografi” – or Photography Clinic where he makes reviews or giving tutorials.

This interview was shot for a small documentary project about the journey of Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI) – or Indonesian Photojournalist Association, for the purpose of The Annual PFI Award in mid 2011. Arbain Rambey was the first chairman of PFI when the association was being established in 1998.

I edit this videos taken by Agus Susanto and Totok Wijayanto, by following the instructions in one of Andy Coon’s tutorial on doing basic Multiclip Editing in Final Cut Pro ( as part of my self learning program. Thanks guys!


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January 9, 2012 at 11:22 pm

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