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Do you have butterflies in your tummy everytime you shoot on assignments? Lucky you! I got bees!! They’re punching and sticking their needles inside me. Got me all nervous. Whether being on site and shoot for the clients need is the right thing to do, either for me or them. Will I let them down? Will they actually get what they paid for? Do I meet their expectations?

Every single negative thoughts filled my head and make it about to explode.

This condition also arise as I begin new projects. Or anything new.

Despite fully understand that I need to improve my photography skill, I know that I need more than just photography if I want to support myself better. And being a freelance always keep me in the state of continue to try finding another great ideas to improve myself, skill wise and financially. I even learn to market myself. Yes, being a freelance forced you to plan better, shoot better, good at marketing and even become a debt collector! vicious but cute kind of debt collector. šŸ˜›

So, when it comes to the effort to enrich myself, I choose to add new skill on my cv. I will learn to edit videos. No, am not gonna start by shooting videos, like my other friends who are now turning to multimedia expert, but I choose to learn the rope of video editing instead. I shall keep you updated as soon as I actually start learning from the people who are generous enough to share me their knowledge. For now, I am nothing but a blank piece of paper. An empty box waiting to be filled with exciting new stuffs! Lets see what happen.

The bees has stung me last night, as I cashed out all my money to buy this particular tank! A brand new 15″ Macbook Pro soon installed with final cut pro, out of the generosity of my soon to be tutor, Tim Deagle. An excellent videographer who lives and work here in Jakarta. I dont know if I ever gonna be good at video editing.. But if I never tried, then I would never know, right?

I just bought a(nother) Mac

And as if it’s a good sign, another excellent Dutch videographer, Martin Egter van Wissekerke (I really need to learn how to spell his name right) accompanied me to buy this new toy. Well, am happy enough to have alot of good talented people around me whom I can ask for help in my next video adventure. Bismillah..


Written by nickmatulhuda

November 15, 2011 at 10:23 pm

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