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Words and Signs Along the Way

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I will soon turn 30.


A quarter of my life has been accompanied with a couple of cameras, a few lenses, hundreds of friends, thousands of people, million miles of journey (i traveled on foot, bicycle, motor cycle, jeepneys, any kinds of two wheels vehicle, those three and four wheels as well, and planes – think i can call it millions), and countless memories.

Relationships in life, may it be me as a spectator, or me being involved in them, had drawn my interest the most. And my camera helps me framed them as a reminder of fragments in life of which I have witnessed and with all means, documented.

Way before I start shooting, I could spend hours sitting in a bench at some malls in Jakarta and just watching people passes by. My overworked brain keep on thinking as they passing by in front of me, why is she wearing red? are they a couple? she squeeze his hands so tight yet he look the other way. Oh, the floral print has become a trend again. Man, those heels must’ve hurt her feet like hell. Why so hurry? Whats on his mind while staring at her like that?

Then photography actually let me in to some people’s life. It feels like magic.

As a photographer, am merely a mediocre. Dont really have that achievement in photography. Barely won anything. Sometimes I wonder if I have let my mentors down. One thing though, even though my mentors know me via photography, am lucky that they see me as Eka. Just Eka. Though they cant tell the world how a brilliant photographer I have been, for then they would be lying, they often refer me as someone’s — different. Whatever that means.

Besides people, am fascinated with words and signs I saw along the way. Sometimes, they’re just too funny, or simply misspelled. When it comes to english, it may be the most spoken language in the world, but definitely not the most well written. Signs also tickles me many times. The way they try to tell you something. The dos and donts. Or a simple information. Some has been trying too hard to be eye catching, and make you frowned instead.

Before a scheduled post will appear in this blog, on my birthday, I’d like to put only images of words and signs I saw along the way. And the caption will be the only -other- words that goes with them. Hope you enjoy it like I do. Pix will be filed under category photo series : words and signs


Written by nickmatulhuda

August 5, 2011 at 11:00 am

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