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Alhamdulillah! Finally!

Finally i’ve done copying the content of my previous blog to this one, in a account. I did it manually since I have no idea how to do it any other way. But it’s alright.. It’s not like a hundred thousand post anyways. So, all good. Just now, my friend Isni, who has been helping me out to build my website and establishing this blog more than a year ago, has been kindly make all the redirecting thing, so if someone typed my old blog address, it will be redirected here. Thanks man!

The reason with all the copying thing was, a question crossed my simple yet messy mind a few weeks ago. “Whats the purpose of all this?” — This as in doing my work, setting up a website and write a blog.

I’ve been a proud muslim, though my religion may not really proud of some of the things I’ve done (this is not a confessing sin site. so..). Islam has been a way of life for me, after getting through some episodes in life that continue to convince me of the Greatness of My Creator and the Huge Love I felt from Him. It’s a process.. and it wont stop until I die. Wait.. actually, even after am dead, since I believe in the hereafter, there’s more process I need to go through before reaching the Final End.

Somehow, being a photographer or to be specific, a photojournalist, has develop a way for me to even more understand about being a muslim and Islam as my way of life. The whole process of trying to be better than before. Accepting the fact that I may not be a genius in what I do, but I have to realize that am actually good enough to do something that meant for others. Even just to carve a smile on someone’s face by seeing some of the pictures I took. Or, creates such drama from a series of pictures! I mean, man.. I can do that! I am definitely NOT a social tool without a use. In fact, am very useful! Not all the time — nor for all the people. But whats with the greed? It’s good enough to be useful for others, even only a few. To share what I can do best for the good of others – without damaging myself.

Am a commoners, and that’s just great! Because when my friends saw my website, for example, instead of being intimidated by the awesomeness of the graphpaperpress design, they were more drawn to make a website of their own. The thought of “Eka can do it, why cant I?” made them certain to do things, push more than where they are sitting now, by seeing that I can do one thing, and thinking that it must be simple to do it. Well, some yes, some dont. But hey, everyone -including me- has their own learning process.  It’s very personal. Since am probably one of the slowest in adopting technology, my friends could actually do better! But they haven’t done it just yet, because they never know that it actually do-able. Not after they know I can easily do it.

Establishing a website more than a year ago, many months after I decided going freelance, has been an adventure. So many people involved. I approached some of the photo editors I really adore, and have them edit my works to be published in the web. I have a loving editor whose writings have been bursting tears in my eyes for its being so beautifully written and end up writing my “about eka” by convincing me that he knows best for that sort of thing. There are friends who told me the dos and donts in establishing a website. And many many things.. so many people. Thats how I know, I will never really be alone. This is why I need to present the best of my work on the website, just not to embarrassed them. Especially since am using it as my marketing tool. To let people whom I try to have a working relation with, that am a professional photographer and perfect for the job.

Rem Zamora, a friend from Philippines has been sweet enough to read most of my blog post and said he learn something from them. A few posts made a frown in his face and got him to ask, “you actually did that stupid mistakes? and why on earth you put it in the blog that makes others to see that you are dumb enough sometimes?” well.. he’s not that harsh. I am.

Doing mistakes is what people do. It’s the consequence of doing things you haven’t done before, or being careless by thinking since you’ve done it a couple of times that makes you perfect. Then the mistakes you’ve done has proven that you’re actually not. So? Better than do nothing. And best just to learn from the mistakes. As for the reason am writing it down in my blog, is to a reminder for me that once — I’ve done this, and that was what i had to face, and what actually need to be done with that, and to not ever do it again, and the last thing would be picturing me reading those posts of mistakes and said to myself, “Hey i’ve been there, done that, got through it and move on. So this other thing I need to deal right now, shouldn’t hurt that much!”

Also to share to others that they might do something stupid by doing the mistakes I made. So better not do it, or atleast think again. Learning from mistakes not necessarily by doing it, but also to learn it from others’.

But the work, the web and the blog are not just a way to show my existence. It’s more to my way to convey messages to more people. The images I took, and published in the web, are either had been published before in some magazine or website or newspaper, nor about to be publish. They should not remain as piles of stocks only. I have a purpose to shoot those pictures. Stories I wanted to share. About people, about places, about the truth. From my perspective. Thats why they need to be published in the publication media. And have them displayed in a website just to make it last longer so that more people can see and understand the message. That is until I no longer pay for the web hosting and domain!

Thats why.. I copied all the posts of my blog in the web hosting that I paid, to a free blog account that should last “forever”. Because there are more message I’d like to share thats written in the blog. And I dont want them to be gone, just because I cant afford to pay something. It’s important, by assuming that what I do now is actually meant something.

So am adopting what David Hobby do with his strobist blog. He store the pictures in the flickr, and wrote hundreds of posts. I bet though he might have thought that what he do (sharing his experience in lighting as a Professional Flasher) since 2006 would be good for others, he would never have known that his posts had been a huge help for thousands of people out there (me me me included!) whose trying to atleast lit something or someone with a speedlite, properly.

Anyways, the site stats showing at least one person read my blog and see my website everyday. They either typed the address or being directed to go there for some reason, and I want them to read and enjoy my pictures for a good reason. And not think of it as a waste of time. Or not worth while.

Islam has been pushing this spirit of sharing in the life of mankind. Somehow, I have been able to understand it by doing photography. And realize that when you share, you just dont lose anything.. You’re actually having more than you had. May it be smile, laugh, friends, love, compassion, thoughts, whatever. Just share. Because sharing is caring.


Written by nickmatulhuda

May 20, 2011 at 3:07 pm

2 Responses

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  1. again, i checked your tweets and jumped on here. congratulation, though this is not your first one. i really like this line: doing mistakes is what people do. somehow, i have a good feeling shortly after read it.

    so, i am following now. please never give up to share anything-everything here. just in case you would get bored of this blog in the future. hope not.


    May 25, 2011 at 12:37 am

    • Aww.. You’re so kind.. Imagine how boring this life would be without people making mistakes!
      I believe it’s only a matter of balance. Between being forgiving to yourself as you made mistakes, and push yourself hard for not being dumb enough to repeat it.
      Thank you for reading. I’ve made this blog as a tool to share what I feel and what I have in mind. So, as long as my heart still know how to feel, and my mind still working, I’ll continue sharing. Thanks for letting me know that am doing something useful. I appreciate it! Enjoy your life, dear!


      May 25, 2011 at 7:47 am

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