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Booklet Project of KID

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I think it was a year ago when I was asked to do this project.

KID – Komunitas Indonesia untuk Demokrasi (The Indonesian Community for Democracy) has been around for a while. The founders are some of the most respectable people who are active in promoting democracy. In 2004, Dr. Ignas Kleden, Dr. Daniel Sparringa, Dr. Tamrin A. Tomagola, Ratih Hardjono, Kresnayana Yahya, Dr. Supra Wimbarti, Prof. Mohtar Mas’oed, Dr. Anita Lie and Ruhaini Dzuhayatin founded this association. And they’re low profile. AND.. It’s tricky to shoot people who are low profile. Because they can come up with a list of excuses not to have their pictures taken during a photo shoot. Though it’s for their own advantage.

When I photograph people, I need to constantly tell myself to respect the people I shoot, but in the same time, since they are hiring a professional, (as they are also professional people), I must earn their respect as well so that they will trust me to shoot them. Or to be precise, I need to persuade and make them trust me just to do my thing.

There were a couple of options to do the shoot. But finally being decided to do some sort of head shots. And each head shots need to bring the best of the people I photograph.

Like I said, it was tricky, since they’re seniors. But the secretary, Shanti Josephine, had been very helpful, telling me the dos and donts whilst letting me do what I want. Even in one photo session which I photographed all of KID’s Board of Directors in a single frame. Unfortunately for me, the designer chose not to use it, and go straight with the head shots.

There were more than one location for shooting these people. And each in different lighting, where I cant really make or put a proper indoor lighting. So, some pictures had different tone of colors. I wished I can pull things together and make the lighting better and alike. Too bad, these busy people were really hard to meet. And seems to be impossible just to take their pictures for a decent numerous of time. This time, I dont really satisfied with my work, and I know I shouldve done better. Since they actually had been very cooperative in between their schedules.

The portraits were meant to be put in a booklet to promote their activities in several remote places of Indonesia. There are 20 pages of them, and these are the pages showing my works. I also shoot some of their activities in outskirts of Jakarta. About 80 percent of the pictures were my works.

This project has been taking a lot longer in the finishing phase, much longer than I thought it would be. One of the people I photographed, Asmara Nababan, died over a heart attack, just a couple of months before this project was finished. He’s one of the guy who was so sweet during the photo shoot, and patiently do things I asked him to do, since his posture was the tallest and the biggest among others. So I need to made him fit in the picture. Over all, every photo session for this project were interesting. And since I managed to make them listened to me, for the shoot, they were the ones who surprised me since they’re all okay with it. Photographers do have a great power in telling people what to do. But like the spiderman movie would say, with great power, comes great responsibility. Thank God all went well.

The team of this project are : Kurie Suditomo (writer and head of the project), Eko Punto Pambudi (layout and cartoon), Nickmatulhuda (photographer) and two other contributing photographers, one of them is Ayu Ambong with her stock photos.


Written by nickmatulhuda

April 17, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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