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Love and Marriage

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Here’s a confession ; the reason why I dont shoot so many wedding events is — am trying my best to avoid meeting a bridezilla.

I mean, for that particular day, the bride has hired the best professionals in their field, may it be caterer, wedding organizer, florist, master of ceremony, singer and a band, or a set of people to document the whole thing, the video person and the photographer. Yet, she still freaks out, wanting everything to be perfect, and in the end, only make everybody nervous with the chance she’d looked stiff on cameras. Please girls.. DONT DO THAT! when a bride freaks out, she’ll freak everybody out. It’s not the wedding you need to be nervous about.. It’s the marriage itself! You waste on millions just to make other people happy and make sure they leave with full stomach, while they soon forget the whole thing as they walked out of that door.

But hey, what do I know? I’ve never had a marriage nor a wedding myself! ;p

Luck has been saving my ass all these time. Never had I met a bridezilla. Only happy loving couples with dreams of building a family together. Like this one, Adhi and Neissa.

Sunday, April 10th 2011. No wedding yet. But the two families had set that day to make a simple gathering to get to know each other. Marriage is not just about meeting two people, but also a matter of the chemistry between two families. I sensed only good chemistry, though they are two different kinds of families. Here are my favorite shots ;

As I was shooting, I couldn’t be more grateful to have this job, as a photographer, for if am not, I wouldn’t be allowed to have a day in some strangers’ life just to find out that they are most probably not really a stranger at all. Adhi was a shooter for a local sports tabloid, but now he shifted gears and becoming a diving instructor. We used to shoot football together and I always find him as a huge photographer with huge gears, huge lens, and huge backpack. (Sensing some sort of exaggeration? yes, I did. But that’s just because am trying to tell everybody that Adhi is not huge anymore. hehe.. He’s in a good shape. But even so, he still have that huge smile on his face. Great personality, for he always said, “It’s okay, everything’s gonna be fine. Insya Allah”). His brides to be is Gineissa, or Neissa in short. She’s not short, but since Adhi is huge (this time am referring his tall-ness), so she looks a bit short-er. In the middle of the shooting, I was told that Neissa was actually my junior in high school! I guess we all have only six degrees of separation. Just need to get to know each other more, then you’ll be amazed, how close we all actually are.

The couple were very polite and respectful, and in a way I can still find them playful. There’s a thing about shooting a fellow photographer, you either being granted full access to your creativity, or he will limit you to his standard of picture quality. Adhi, thankfully, fits in the first category. He let me do anything I want and been very cooperative. As the result, I can have the pictures I liked by making the best from every corner of the house, and noticing how Neissa implying that she loved the pictures too, as she peeked on the camera’s monitor, I can only hope they both will satisfy with the work I did for them.

The gathering was at Neissa’s house. A very homey place, not far from my home. I get to ride there on my bicycle and commit to the term “bike to work” that day. It was a bright sunny day outside, but the house is cool. Nice garden with orchids, Adhi’s future mother in law’s collection. And lots of pictures on the wall.

another set examples of sisters. (L-R) nena, dian, eka and neni at dian's wedding day

Photographs can give you the sense of closeness to someone, because it gives you information about where they were or what they did, and whom they’re with. But I learn, that some things are more than meets the eye. So I took off all those assumptions from my head and let me be introduced to these families by the way they are that day.

Neissa’s family reminds me of my own. She has two sisters, while I have three. The sisterhood felt really strong as one of them is in the process of taking her life to the next level. I didn’t see her as a potential bridezilla, for she has supports from her family to get through the day.

When the hair looked too simple, a sister to the rescue with some orchids to make her hair-do look lovely. And it goes with the outfit too! Then, the nails look pale, a sister again to the rescue, polishing her nail with a color that has the same tone with the dress. Small bits here and there, and everything were well taken care of. That’s what sisters are for. Lucky girls always have their sisters to watch their backs. And you couldn’t be more thankful for having them.

Adhi and Neissa both had been brought up in a great home with a wonderful family. Soon they will start their journey to make their own family. Best wishes for them. And may Allah bless you with love in your marriage. A beautiful wedding day would be an extra. 🙂


Written by nickmatulhuda

April 11, 2011 at 5:40 pm

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