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Having a family to understand what you doing, in a great way are being very much supportive on your work, is a privilege. It was hard for all of us when I first started shooting — journalism hasn’t really run in the family — both sides of my parents. But now, even at the hardest times when the money barely there, it’s always been my family who keep on telling me to go on. For their consolation prize, they got to see the world am seeing through my pix. The world sometimes they have no idea being exist. Am blessed. Very much.

So, during this recent family trip to my brother in law’s home town, while the rest of the family enjoy their leisure times, they didn’t mind to missed me every now and then for I went shooting about the Landscape of Destruction (will post it on the web this week) caused by illegal tin mining in Bangka. They even asked my brother in law to find me a good fixer! Ha! Anyhow, it went nice, I should come back to shoot some more.

My loss would be my niece’s laughter, but I sure don’t missed these! Something she’s good at! Fell asleep!


Written by nickmatulhuda

March 19, 2011 at 11:28 am

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