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Name Cards

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these babies better bring mama some cash soon! ;p

Been asked a few times, whether I can give some people my name card, calling card, cards with my name and some information about me, whenever am at a gathering or events. And I could only replied, “Sorry, I dont have it with me”. So I gave them my information by sms, which I have saved as templates. Thankfully, those who asked for my name card were not reluctant to give their numbers in return. In a way, it gives information about me straight to their cellphones, with the thought that name cards can be slipped or dropped somewhere.

Truth is, I have printed two packs of name cards couple of years back, and with all the big changes I have in the less than two years, those printed name cards are no longer valid. I still put my gmail account and multiply page to showcased my works instead of my own web page. So to be at least look like a pro, the name card needs to show me off.

Have some ideas about my photography’s gonna be in the future. And I will need to broaden my clients range, so this name card thing needs to be personal. But how can I do it through a simple card, when the card should not have too many information as well, since it will not really be nice to look at. I need something .. different. And internet is a true inspirational friend in need at times like this.

A human friend was playing a game on the INTERNET, which was irritating enough and seduced me to play it myself. The game called parampaa. It’s actually INSPIRED by Glenn Rhode’s Slapp Me Do. It was so fun and irritating at the same time, made me browse in the INTERNET about the guy who made it. He’s known as Masova. And in his blog, i found a post about name cards. Apparently he just made himself one. Not only the post direct me to the link of, he also INSPIRED me with his own name card – he’s a graphic designer, by the way.

So, after all the time on the internet and inspirations, I have an idea on what my name cards’ gonna be plus on how I can make it personal. It’s my name card, right? How am I gonna get someone remember who gave the card, if I dont put my own face on it? But having a face on my card seems too— nah.. Also, I never like a self pic with only one eye on the side and a camera on the other. Besides, my silhouette always look better than my original form. ;p

There I was, put on my photobooth application on my mac, get dressed, hold a camera, pretend I was shooting (so I can be as convincing as a photographer can be), spend some time on photoshop and this time, make use some of its filters. It’s not the best digital imaging in the world and not even close! But.. VOILA!

See that small white space on the side? Inspired by Masova, I made it as if it’s a frame, and I was shooting it. Well, THAT’s my friend, where I will put on some notes to the person I give my name cards to, so he or she will remember me, as if a picture of a photographer who really looks like me is not enough! Ha! – also to write down different links to different potential clients. – such a smart ass I am.. and am proud of it.. hehe..

But now, am gonna need to bring a pen as well.. Just in case! 🙂


Written by nickmatulhuda

March 10, 2011 at 12:57 pm

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