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Additional Lights

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Although I have my times shooting portraits for TEMPO, especially when I was assigned to shoot for the Magazine for a year or so, I realized it’s still not the kinds of pix i do best. Okay, I know how to brighten up my subject, but I still have no clue how to make the additional lighting works in a way and make the photo interesting.

Still work on it now, everytime I got the chance and able to borrow some extra lights from my friends. I got no choice than to learn from many mistakes I made. Thankfully, there are great websites with very helpful tips from great photogs, that I can use for reference. But I must admit, the cost to have extra lights for additional lighting is not exactly cheap. 😦

What needs to be done and carefully think about would be :

1. Where am I going to put the light – and why?

2. How am I going to get it to stay there?

3. How am I going to trigger it?

4. What will the quality of the light be: Hard or soft?

5. What will the beam spread of the light be – wide, narrow?

6. How will I balance the strobe’s intensity with the ambient light?

7. How will I balance the strobe’s color with the ambient light?

So far, I can only understand half of the questions that I need to ask to myself, before I start making the additional lighting works right on my subject.

Funny thing was, when I showed this baby pic to her parents, they were the one’s arguing.

Dad : It’s kinda dark, isn’t it? The picture?

Mom : Hello? Thats how these kinds of pix should look like. Thats the art of it. Duh..

Me : (keep quiet)


Written by nickmatulhuda

January 10, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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