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To THINK LOCALLY for shooting photojournalism works, should be understood by a photojournalist who often think that one needs to GO OUT THERE to make pictures.

I agreed with a photog from Bangladesh, Munem Wasif who mostly works in his home country Bangladesh. In his opinion, written in British Journal of Photography,

photojournalists just don’t need to travel thousands of miles to find compelling stories to tell.

Also have this wonderful notes on photography, one amongst many notes I collected over the years,

No need to travel to take photo. All you can photo is here and now. You cannot photograph history. Choose the story based on what you can see now.

But of course, the desire to travel, is in everyone. And photographers might have bigger urge on that particular subject, since we are hunger for a new landscape, meeting new people, seeing new and different things. But if we’re not that lucky, why not just relax, sit back and take a good look around? Practice our sense in social issues around us. Environment, the culture, people. Like I said, somethings are more than meets the eye.

Most of the stories I made in 2010, were 100 percent made in Indonesia. Literally! And they have opened my eyes about many things. Have been a proud Indonesian, and becoming even more proud now. This time with a better understanding. Gosh.. Not only the rest of the world who can have misunderstanding about Indonesia. Even the people living here can still misunderstood their country!

One thing that we need to do, after thinking locally, is how to DISTRIBUTE THE STORY GLOBALLY. It is important to make sure more people in this world can have a real good look about our countries from the eye of its native people. Not from some foreign journalists who come to our countries with prejudice before they got here, and only come to prove they are right. We should know better than them and show honestly what we truly are.

I dont know who Munem Wasif is, but with all this internet thing, who really need to know everyone just to spread a good message or to receive it well? He lives in a country which only sized 56 thousand square miles, while Indonesia with its whole islands is 1.9 million square miles! And he is already proud to have that kind of understanding and have been presenting it well through his works. I will be ashamed to not doing the same when his coverage would only as big as Java island, and that means, we, photojournalists in Indonesia still have extra four big islands, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua to explore!

Must admit though, I have a secret desire to see Bangladesh, myself. There’s something intriguing about the country and also Bangladeshi photographers with all their determinations on their work, hard work, passion, and very good eyes. Hmmm.. Maybe after I dig more out of –dangerously beautiful– Indonesia. 🙂


Written by nickmatulhuda

December 31, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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