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Happy Mother’s Day, Ibu..

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December 22..

Have no idea at all what makes this day so special that marked as Hari Ibu or Mother’s day in Indonesia. I read in Wikipedia, (not exactly the kind of source I would greatly depend on) and some other numerous blogs (not sure who refers whom, or whom I actually refer to as a reference for this data), that it was Soekarno, Indonesian 1st President who declare this day as Hari Ibu in 1959. But hey, that don’t really matter. Cos it’s just always good to spoil your mother once in a while, right? Unfortunately, my dearest loving and funny mama was spending this special day with her grand daughter, Quinsha, at my sister’s place. I hope she realize, that there’s no such thing as Grandmother’s Day.. ;p Sorry mom, you missed your chance for cakes and all!! hehe..

But I did celebrate this occasion with many mothers in Indonesia, Jakarta in particular, with the help of three brave mothers.

The birth series I shot (once in 2008 and twice in 2010 – almost three times actually, but one of them wasn’t normal birth, it’s cesarean section instead) for the first time, being published in Jakarta Globe, today.

It’s a relatively new media in Jakarta, printed as English edition paper. The photo editor is Jurnasyanto, a young photojournalist, once worked for European Press Photo Agency – Jakarta bureau.

Unfortunately, he didn’t carefully checked the text for the final print because it has major error in it. Said, “these remarkable pictures were taken at a hospital in Jakarta this week.” NOT! They were three different hospitals in two years period of time. I dont think I’ll ever be that lucky to shot three random mothers gave birth in a week at one hospital. 😦 I dont even know what the title meant, “A First Mother’s Day”??

Jurnas had sincerely apologize for that, and I thanked him for being such a sport. O well.. shit happens.

Despite the bw images that become a bit sephia on the paper, I am happy to get this story published. At the moment where it should be! On Mother’s day – Hari Ibu.

Swiss photog, Daniel Schwartz, a friend of mine, who published several books about Asia and Middle East, made a comment when he saw a part of this Birth series on my website.

You passed the ultimate test a photographer has to face – capturing, with dignity, the birth of a child! Obviously a joyous happy moment. And a proof that your fear that one need to be depressive to produce strong work is unjustified. I am sure you shared the happiness with the mother.

Indeed. There were only joy. Those brave women are much much braver than me. I may enjoy the bumpy ride on the small plane like a child on a swing, or may endure spending a few nights in the jungle to shoot animal release, or go to remote places and having fun despite all the difficulties, but they are NOTHING compare to labor.

I salute all the mothers, especially mothers who deliver twins like my mom, and highly respect them for putting their life on the line for another life that live inside them for nine months. I wish all the mothers continue to receive love and respect from their husbands and children. May Allah protect all the mothers and blessed those heroes with endless blessing and more love.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day! Selamat Hari Ibu! 🙂

*wish in short years to come, I can have the honor to celebrate this day as one of them. hehe.. amin*

**Special thanks to the crazy couple Lia and Danu along their children Danendra and Deandra, my best friend Meimei and her husband Khairul who invited me to shoot Hai – their son, and my dearest brave sister Dian plus my kind loving brother in law, Reza, thank you for bringing Quinsha to our lives as well. And Jurnas too. Thanks for publishing it man!


Written by nickmatulhuda

December 22, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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