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I laughed hard when Romy Gacad (AFP) stated that Malaysia is our state enemy. Is it really that bad? Hmm… I dont think I enjoyed it much when MetroTV portrays the neighbor country in such way that rather exaggerated, actually. Like Insert Investigasi would present their so called news investigation.

One thing I understand, I never really like the atmosphere there. The food made me sick, literally. I vomited all the food i eaten in some warung mamak, just to get a good night sleep. And am no where near bulimic.

But I have friends there, that I actually enjoyed in having conversation with. Have no idea where they are now. Cos I barely contact them. But one Malaysian noted me as one weird Indonesian girl who cant speak bahasa. Hehe..

As weird as it is, I actually happened to get to do some works in Malaysia. Couple of times in KL, once in JB. Some of which gave good money. I turned down an offer to shoot Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes because my passport got expired. So am sort of TKW in a way..

But if any of my foreign friends wanted to go there, I’d tell them “Wrong choice! Indonesia is a far better destination.” Well.. the city does kinda boring. KL is not even as big as Jakarta! I think.. But well, am bad at geography anyway.

Just got back from a place called Port Dickson. Why they call that place so bule-ish? I have no idea. Cos my travel companion was so pissed with that place and repeatedly call it ‘so kampung’. Haha..

The place was okay, but then again, when I go to places, I never really care what the place looks like. Its the people which I more eager to care about.

And in between meeting deadline for my AIDS story that I gave to TEMPO English Edition, I tried to like that part of Malaysia.

Struggled in finishing a part of the whole story about AIDS in Papua. The beach @Port Dickson has really bright lights!

I managed to shoot some stuffs, but I just dont feel any great vibe about that place. BUT!! Despite everything, I liked spending time there with a brahmin.


This young lady on the left looked so tough. I felt rather intimidated.


Boring streets even at night.


Like a petromaks, but not really. Got a switch to turn it on.




Eagle Ranch R– something.


Maybe I shouldnt locked myself in the room most of the time to see great stuffs that might be available out there.


Weird Ostrich Farm. Nah, maybe it’s just me. The others seem to have fun.


One poor Ostrich. Most likely will end up as Ostrich satay. Euwwww!!


Sore eyes craving for exciting things to see.


Finally!! It’s one exciting Chinese cemetery. Huh?


Bit creepy, but nice.


Overall? I enjoyed my short trip. 🙂

Will try to lose my judgmental attitude for my next trip to Malaysia. I mean it!! Free tickets, please? 😀


Written by nickmatulhuda

December 11, 2010 at 11:44 pm

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