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Operation at the Peak

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It’s not my first work published anywhere, but it’s always good to be back working with my friends in TEMPO. It’s one of the biggest media in Indonesia which gives more opportunities for freelancers.

I had the best time ever working there for five years (2004-2009). Made great friends with everyone, and able to leave the media, without any burden. There were no hurt feelings at all, since it was a “good break up”. They still support me, in many ways.

What makes this one different was because it’s for Tempo English edition. Again, it’s not the first time either to have my work published here. But.. the editors are very very hard to pleased.. And although I know they are very fond of stories about eastern part of Indonesia, but they can be very picky. Well.. aren’t all editors?

So I told Hermien Kleden, that I have a story about cataract in Papua, and she listened to me for about 5 minutes, as I –pretend hard to – calmly briefed her about my story. She nodded a while and asked, “Can you make 7-8 pages of stories about this? We’ll surely edit them nicely. Just write everything about it and we’ll do the rest.”

I took that challenge and –again– answered it –in a very hard way to be– cool. “Yeah, Sure! When do you want it?”. They amazingly only gave me 3-4 days to finish the story!!! OUCH!!!

Me and my big mouth didn’t stop there. When they offered help to interview Indonesian Red Cross and the Ophthalmologist, i told them, “No, I’ll do it. You weren’t there. And this is my story – am sure I said MY in a extremely high punctuation pitch note -, So I will do it.” There was a lot of “I” and “My” in my language. I must have sounded like a threatened toddler and her new toy.


My story got published on August 10, 2010 edition. They’re all my pictures. And I did all the interviews, I gathered all the data, and I wrote the whole story. And it was them who made the story enjoyable to read! hahaha… I got lots to learn. 😀

Am often be a pain in the ass.. but they bear with me. And the people at Indonesian Red Cross, International Committee for Red Cross, and the Ophthalmologist just love it! Dr. Yanuar, the ophthalmologist even have the report hang on his waiting room. All SEVEN pages!!

Special thanks to :

Ka Hermien, Fanny yang selalu ceria, Dika Hamid, Mba Baby and Dimas Aryo. ♥


Written by nickmatulhuda

November 15, 2010 at 10:17 am

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