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Photo Contest – Pump Your Ego and Do Your Research

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Pumps Ego and Do Research..

I dont write them in a particular order. Things can happen when either one not being done in a proper order. Sad things happen to me.

My editor send me one of those emails that sent to many, saying ; “It’s that time of the year again. Dust down your best images, pump up your ego and start editing your submission to 2010 .. photo competition.”

Took me a while to understand, that Dear Eka or Hi Eka in the first sentence to anyone who sends a -send to many- kinds of email, not necessarily makes the recipient special. But thanks for trying though. Still dont know how it works. Maybe its a system in the mail settings?

So those Dear Eka or Hi Eka emails would be sent to me after I submit images to a photo competitions or contests. But only one email that told me, I actually won something. It was when I won a photo contest by Global Health Work Force Alliance for my work in 2006. The photo contest itself was in 2008. I think they only gave me 100 USD. But I was happy anyway since I never won anything before. O well..

I never actually a winner type. Nor the lucky people, who get to earn a car or a simple cellphone at a lucky draw.

I once submit a photo contest run by Indonesian Photojournalist Association. Since am a member of the committee and there was lack of human resource, I must attend a session with the jury to operate the photo display. My heart broke to pieces when my works being displayed on a screen, and all the five jury didn’t even bother to see it again. They just skipped my work in a second! Just like that! Gosh.. Were they that bad? A friend just gave me a pat on the back to calmed me down. Shit happens, i know.. So, i didn’t win anything in that contest.

It was last year, and i haven’t submit to any photo contest since then, until last week.

So I pumped up my ego and submitted a photo essay to a photo competition. Failed twice when I upload the pix. Could that been a sign? Haha.. So ironic, when I actually managed to upload the essay, i do my research — which later on, turns out should be the first thing I do, before submitting any work– and found out that last year’s winner was doing the exact same project, but in different country. HA! How stupid am I?

In another photo contest, where a camera was the grand prize, I do my research way after the contest closed. Only to find that the winner has the exact same picture that i submitted to the photo contest, but with different angle. HA!

Am not saying am better than the winner. Because I obviously not, since I dont win anything. Dont need a genius to figure it out. It’s just that, i continue to find photo contest and me, have no chemistry at all. Because other than must have that killer image that can get me big money, a friend who continuously winning awards and prizes, told me that luck plays a part too in contests.

Pumping ego is one thing, and be ready to have my ego torn apart for not being chosen would be the sequel. With time, I think I can handle it eventually. It’s funny and irritating at the same time. But hey.. may the best work wins! Because later on, I get to enjoy the winning pix and said to myself, yeah.. they deserve to win.


Written by nickmatulhuda

September 27, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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