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boxes in tempo - tempo in boxes

Kendra Paramita, a great friend of mine, is a great artist. If you google his name, don’t mistaken him with Kendra Wilkinson. He ain’t that pretty..

He made front pages of Tempo Magazines with illustrations. His works today, are Tempo’s icon at the moment. Well, things can happen – right? Cant really tell what will happen tomorrow. Though the word icon should last more than just in the present..

During my placement in the magazine, when i worked in Tempo, i got the chance to see him work every deadline hours. That would be every Thursday-Friday night, sometimes all the way to Saturday morning. The great thing of seeing an artist work is not when it’s done. But when it’s in progress. The final result never less amazes me, even though i have seen the work from scratch.

Everything seems to be easy for him. The idea seems like to be flowing just like that. A client once asked me, is a journalist a born to be, or a made to be? I told him, am more like making myself to be one. I always thought that he wanted me to answer Journalists are born, not made. But I don’t know if i have that privilege. Kendra however, seems to be born as an artist.. Because artists are born – not made.

Ek : Did they ever reject your work though it’s done?

Kendros : Of course! Many times.

Ek : What happened then?

Kendros : Make new ones la..

Ek : That easy?

Kendros : Haha.. of course not. When you put a lot of energy to a work and it’s not approved, you just got to like them less – those who rejected you. But there’s nothing much you can do, right? You just have to move on, get on with it and make new ones.

Kendra is like any other artists. He barely makes sense. But that time, he kinda made a point. Just when i think i got numb with rejections, it actually never hurt me less. But that shouldn’t let me or anyone in that condition, quit. Move on, get on with it and make new ones.

That night Kendra seems to be pleased with his work that’s almost done. Then his boss came. He thinks Kendra’s picture just a little bit too much this time, need to be under-tone. I quietly look at Kendra’s face and noticed that he tried to remain calm when he was trying to be persistent with his current work. I almost laughed when his boss also suggest him to resized the picture to fit the page. He was the same person who continue to encourage his boys to think out of the box, when they’re working. Now, he told Kendra to fit the box.

Kendra finally made some arrangements, the ones he think makes sense. And perfecting his work, instead of damaging it – his version. One thing i envy him, is that he’s having fun with his work. Sometimes when I really wanted to be liked, i forgot to have fun with my work. Letting it flow. The butterfly in my stomach was more like bees. I put myself in a box, when I shouldn’t.

The next morning, he was disappointed to see the result after it being printed. His work was exactly the same like he made it the other night, alright. A little bit outside the page’s frame. But apparently, the people in charge for the final prints, made an out of the box move, by carelessly not have printed the picture with the same color that the artist has put on. Just when I thought the hardest part for his work has over, some dumb machine and the person in charge for it can ruin it. Wish I can tell everyone that his work actually better than the ones that the readers see. O well..


Written by nickmatulhuda

September 12, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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