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The Hard Times

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I guess it belongs to everyone. Bitching about it is easy. Deal with it, without even continue to think that it somehow will hurt your pride for trying to survive, is the best way to get through it.

A photographer’s life is a juggling act. Read it, you’ll understand. I’ve read it and come to an understanding.

Come on, when you keep on trying to tell yourself that life has its ups and downs, you’re actually bitching about it. The phase where you can just accept some unpleasant facts about yourself that you kept on denying over the years, is what you really after.

Repeat after me, “I am a nobody”. Yes.. “I am a nobody”, and it’s okay, really.

Because when you keep on doing something just to earn recognition, you’ll easily lost. It is an endless thing, sometimes hurtful, not just for you, but also for others.

Money is important. I love money. And to marry someone fat rich just might make me solve some problems in life. Getting the money right like we ideally picture it, would be even better. You know, doing a good job that we passionate about, get great bucks, have a blast in life. I salute anyone who have achieved it.

Me, i just want to hold on to something that for me will continue to make sense. God and family, my HOME. Because holding to myself is a full of pain. Even for my family, am not a sense at all.

I hope to stay in balance, in the effort to shooting with my heart of things that i feel need to be shared with others, paying my debts, maintain good relationship with my friends, getting away from the threat of bankruptcy, have a clear head and stay away from things that can consume my minds.

Sometimes i thought, i wished to be remembered in some ways after i died. Good things of achievements, influences, generosity, and so on. But even if i don’t, what can i do then? Haha.. Am already dead. I think i’ll just be happy to get through the days by not screwing it up, in good or hard times. I’ll do that.


Written by nickmatulhuda

September 1, 2010 at 9:10 am

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