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Do Photographers -well, me- Need To Tweet?

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So, the tweeting thing – i think it’s a word now- has began as an experiment in 2006. I read it in “what is twitter”. My younger cousins tweets, she’s only 14. When i check what she was doing, all i can see is a row and columns of jbieberfver and a wall paper of that hey baby baby ugh singer- the beiber kid. And a lot of @s, #s, thumbnails of people and short sentences. I tried to follow what she was doing, but i began to feel too old. The word Follow seems to be a part of it too.

Then a friend finds following our police twitter, very helpful. Yes, our very own Jakarta Police Department tweets! They tweet about traffic information. So far, with all this hatreds aiming at our law enforcement, this might be the only thing loved about them.

A friend forwarded an article in Conscientious about Photographers and Social Networking and so I begin to doubts my believe to not fall into anything that looks like Facebook. Everyone in my family has facebook, and i just being stubborn for not making any FB account. I mean, what is the urgency to tell the whole world that you are hungry, what you ate for lunch, that your cat died and even using it to tell everybody that you got a new boyfriend when the only person you’re targeting would be your ex. I know, people do other useful things too with FB, but the temptations to share every single thing that is not really for everyone, is just too much.

After a lot of thinking, i finally made a twitter account, @nickmatulhuda. Am convincing myself that it can help me promoting my website. But as I went through the little birdie, I get lost immediately.

But i noticed, lots of my photographer friends has it too. Most of which i know, are using blackberry. Guess it gets to do with mobility thing. After a few hours trying to figure out how it works, i left my laptop on, and fell asleep.

Amazingly, the day after i tried to follow some friend, i actually got a little of excitement when someone follows. And i get to see what my favorite photographers are saying about stuffs. The nature of curiosity? Dunno.

Well, its only been a few days. I still don’t know what to do with it, but a friend and his wife -who laughed at me when they found out i have twitter account- encouraged me to see what happens. “You might like it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO TWEET EVERYDAY, or tweet everything back. Just give it a time. It’s like a mini blog. This is what you actually need to let others know that you exist.” They’re right. Yet, i don’t know how. Would anyone click if i put it in my tweets? And how can i tell when to tweet it? Whom I should tweet it to?

Besides, since everyone can seem to see what am tweeting, i should be careful with my tweets? no?  Argh!! My head is tweeting now.

I hope to laugh at this post, when i look back and read it somewhere next month. I really do.


Written by nickmatulhuda

August 17, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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