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Flesh And Blood [Sorry, Graphic Image]

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Introducing, my first niece, Quinsha at her actual birth-day.

This wont be the first time I shot mother deliver a baby. I wont say they’re the best you can find, anyway. But shooting a process of labor is definitely a breathtaking experience. How can you find beauty from such a gory scene?

The picture of this newborn is not exactly pretty. But it’s the first moment she discovered a whole new world. The very first moment we met. Niece and aunt. She hasn’t even met her parents yet. So, in a way, it makes me feel special.

For me, every birth i shot are beautiful. Call me religious -i’d like that- because anyone who have seen a baby coming out of his/her mother, can tell for sure that God exist. How can they not? An obvious miracle. Something real and alive, coming out of a woman whom less than a year ago had nothing in it. Something made of flesh and blood, which can turn to a form -a much tinier size of us- in just a second, from something that looks so fragile.

A midwife warned me in my first shooting of birth that i can get traumatized just by seeing it. But turns out I get addicted to it.

A friend asked me how do i feel when shooting it. I said, overwhelmed. And the more i shoot it, i kept on wondering, seems like i get the picture that it’s a whole lot of pain, but future mothers just must get through it to get the baby out. So, if the time is come for me, can i actually take the pain, the way i take them in all my pictures?


Written by nickmatulhuda

August 9, 2010 at 11:20 am

Posted in images, photojournalism

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