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A Start, June 2009

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Two enemies to the photographer: boredom and fatigue. Do not let them win.

True, so true. I have this fear, arise as i decided to become a full time freelance photographer on mid 2009. Actually, both boredom and fatigue are not something new for me, but when i worked in a place that gave no damn about what my feelings are, and made me sure that i keep on doing my job well everyday for the paper, i can put aside those two enemies easier than i do now. Now, i have less responsibility to create images. Because i am in full control of what i want to do, what pictures to take, what story to pursue. That is if i don’t get assignments. Which unfortunately, not as many, either.
But it’s alright. The same article also told me,

It’s hard to make money as a professional photographer.

Especially now, with all these talks about photojournalism is dead, which mainly saying that you can’t make money anymore by being a photojournalist. But actually, from the beginning i set my foot in this profession — or my finger on the shutter button, i know damn well that i wont get rich. But the romance of this profession, with all the idea of continue being an idealist photojournalist, would be the reason that makes me stay and not yet want to leave.
So how do i overcome the fear that those two enemies, called boredom and fatigue could win over me?

The answer would be to keep on shooting.

I decided to keep on shooting then! Cant be all great.. But if i don’t do it.. The passion will soon be dead.. And that would be the worst thing that could happen..


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July 29, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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