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A Face Lift

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Technology freaks me out. Once, I was afraid to clap my hands in front of a computer, because seems like every time I was happy in finishing a work and claps, the computer end up dead and asked “do you want to revert?” and I always forget what to click, yes or no.

Then I knew a blog, I always wanted to know what is like to have one. I delete it, once I became too personal in it. I just feel like stupid to share me to the world. What would they care? Or why should I give any reason for others to laugh at me? Maybe that’s partly why I against Facebook. I kept on saying, my dark history prevent me to make a facebook account. Hehe.. Well.. I just don’t like the idea of telling everyone what I was thinking or doing. Mysteries should always be part of a woman.. You should always keep your secret, cause once it belongs to someone else, you’ll lose it.. No more secret? Nah..

Then I understood how google works, I always wanted to appear in its search engine. Why? Dunno.. Just like the idea am there. thats all. Humane la…

Then I have great friends to help me out, a dear editor to edit my “about eka”, a cool friend to borrow me money so I can have the theme I want, and a good buddy who’s a web designer to correct my custom.css [maybe because my dad was his teacher too, he complain less about my lack of knowledge in building a site.. ;p]. O well.. and with the time I got now, I can have a face lift from my previous web template, to this new one, which I love [at the moment]. Thanks everybody!!


Written by nickmatulhuda

July 29, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Posted in about her

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